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Middle Grades

From 6th to 8th grade, fostering innovative thinkers with an increasing sense of ownership for their own learning

In the middle grades (6-8), students are challenged to grapple with increasingly complex real-world problems across all their subject areas, while developing the collaboration and leadership skills that will be critical in the upper grades. Our program is designed to push students outside of their academic comfort zones while providing steadfast social-emotional support through the changes of adolescence. We emphasize:

Deep engagement in both English and Portuguese, across subject areas

Academic mentorship and social-emotional support through the Deans Program

An inquiry- and project-based approach in science and the humanities

An Integrated Brazilian Program

Global scope meets local focus

Instruction in Portuguese and English continues in the middle grades with opportunities for deep engagement in both languages. Students learn from and within the context of both languages throughout the school day, with extra support available to those who need it. The Brazilian national social studies and geography curriculum is taught as part of the World Course, alongside a range of future-focused global issues framed in local terms.

The Fundamentals

The middle grades curriculum emphasizes depth of learning over breadth of exposure, and its chief vehicles are project- and inquiry-based learning. The curriculum includes:

  • Reading and writing in English and Portuguese
  • Math
  • Science: earth science and ecology, biology, physics
  • Integrated humanities and the World Course
  • High Intensity Practice
  • Art and design
  • Music
  • Wellness and Movement

A Global Curriculum for a World School

What do Avenues students learn? The Avenues World Elements table is our answer to that question. Designed by our research and development team, the Avenues World Elements is a global curricular system that defines the learning outcomes of Avenues students at all grade levels, at all our campuses.

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