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Small World

A first school experience designed to trigger curiosity, stimulate creativity and sow the seeds of multilingualism

Small World is Avenues’ innovative program for 2-year-olds. As a joyful and enriching first school experience, Small World provides:

Exposure to three languages

The facilitation of healthy separation from caregivers

An emphasis on self-help skills

Learning through play

A balance of structured activities and free play encourage children to learn while having fun, making discoveries for themselves and developing their fine motor skills.

The Fundamentals

The program is based on the five core learning experiences of early childhood, as defined by Nancy Schulman, head of the Early Learning Center at Avenues New York, in her book Practical Wisdom for Parents:

  • Separation
  • Being part of a group
  • Initiation of socialization
  • Basic communication skills
  • Establishing and following routines

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